Chronicle of the Old Hammer Mill in Acharting

The old hammer forge in Anthering-Acharting is now a designated
„Historic Economic Monument in the Salzburg Region“

The hammer forge in Anthering-Acharting was built around 1730. The water course of the torrent flowing past was decisive for the location in the lonely forest clearing. With the help of water power, three large water wheels were driven, which set the large forge hammer, the natural grindstone and the bellows in motion. The high-quality tools that were forged on the glowing food were in great demand.

In addition to tool manufacture, the farrier was also of great importance. From all around the farmers took their horses and oxen to the hammer mill, where a skilled farrier managed the warm shoeing with the help of the fire.

The shoeing of the horses and various repairs were among the last jobs in the hammer forge until the end of the business in 1965.

In 1993 the old hammer forge was renovated.

The former house of the Hammerschmied families from 1853 opposite the Hammerschmiede was renovated in 1975/76 and converted into a guesthouse.

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