Forge museum

The "Alte Hammerschmiede" in Anthering-Acharting, the historical economic monument in the Salzburger Land

Many centuries ago in 1730 the forge was built. Decisive for its location was the near wild creek. With its help 3 huge water wheels were driven which put the big blacksmithing hammer, grinding stone and the bellow in motion. The most valuable tools which were forged on the glowing iron and they were treasured all around the country.

Apart from the production of tools, the forge was of great importance for the horseshoe smiths. People from all quarters led there horses and donkeys to the forge where a competent blacksmith was shoeing them with the help of fire ..

The blacksmith museum in the original space of the old forge shows the fine tools and devices that have been made at this historic site by the blacksmith and his apprentices.

It's always been a flowing in and out at the Hammersmith. Through the hard work on glowing iron, the master blacksmith and his apprentices were known to create a place where people loved to meet.

There has always been a lot of coming and going as there was plenty of life and bustle. Because of the hard work on the red-hot iron, the master forge and his merry fellows were known to create a place where people loved to meet.

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