Kneipphotel im Wald

The Kneipp Hotel Hammerschmiede near Salzburg

As a certified KNEIPP hotel near Salzburg, we offer our guests the opportunity to
get to know the 5 pillars of Kneipp health; water - exercise - medicinal herbs - nutrition - enjoyment of life
Kneipp captivates by fascinatingly simple applications with great effects.
The original KNEIPP facility with water treading basin, wooden fountain, fresh spring water, pouring device and barefoot path is available to our hotel guests free of charge.
The bypassing torrent with it’s romantic waterfall provides an additional natural KNEIPP experience.

The KNEIPP facility is framed by the in-house HERB GARDEN with wooden troughs full of medicinal and aromatic herbs. In the hotel kitchen, the fresh herbs find best use in the preparation of the dishes!

The bathrooms in the hotel rooms are equipped with original KNEIPP pouring devices. Foot and arm Kneipp baths are also available on request.

Our dedicated hotel team will be happy to provide you with information about the 5 KNEIPP health pillars:
water - exercise - nutrition - medicinal herbs - enjoyment of life

Splendid forest air, benches and a view of the idyllic natural landscape around the KNEIPP facility offer the best conditions for effective RELAXATION from everyday life!

Kneipp therapy - recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage!  

    The KNEIPP Health Programm

The interaction of the 5 pillars increases the success

We can look forward to an increasing life expectancy - but the point is to experience these extra years in a healthy and vital way, to enjoy well-being and joie de vivre - this is precisely what the Kneipp program with its five pillars is wonderfully suited to. It is as relevant today as it was in the past, maybe even more so. Much has been scientifically researched and medically justified - whether the cardiovascular training through the regular cold stimuli or their equally beneficial effect on the immune system or the troubled veins.

The trend towards natural methods to find relief from simple ailments leads more than ever to Kneipp. The 5 pillars represent a holistic approach to health and are successfully applied in practice in the more than 200 Kneipp active clubs.

The knowledge of Sebastian Kneipp about the healing power of nature and a balanced interaction of the 5 pillars are our base.


Österreichischer Kneippbund, Kunigundenweg 10, A-8700 Leoben

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