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16. April 2021 um 00:10

The days are getting longer. Spring is coming - this year - slowly but surely. The change in nature is particularly noticeable and visible in the forest. From the ground to the top, the herb, shrub and tree layers gradually get their green dress. In the middle of such a beautiful forest stands the Hotel im Wald Hammerschmiede - Naturidyll Hotel, a historic Salzburg country house from 1853.

The Hammerschmiede has been run as a 4 star hotel in the forest by the host Ernestine Stadler and her team since 1976. The hotel combines the treasures of early craftsmanship with contemporary furnishings and modern technology.
The "Hammerschmiede" is a place of rest and relaxation in the forest. A place of strength and inspiration for those seeking peace and quiet, ideal for seminar guests. The day starts with a rich Salzburg organic breakfast buffet with many fresh organic specialties from the region. The daily menus are served in the snuggery, in the historic vault or in the idyllic natural garden. The "Alte Hammerschmiede“ (old forge) building is a unique dining room for parties and celebrations. An original Kneipp facility invigorates you after productive seminars. A flower meadow is currently being laid out in the garden - everything is prepared for the first guests - hopefully soon!
The Hammerschmiede is awarded with the Austrian eco-label, many private awards and is a partner of BIO AUSTRIA and a member of the BioParadies SalzburgerLand.

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